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Taurus, ruled by planet Venus is an earth sign. Since the ruler is Venus- the physical pleasures and luxuries are something Taurians need. As an earth sign, they are stubborn; once they have decided, it is almost impossible to change their view. The Earth also gives them a practical mind- these talk about mysticism; the other world is not for them.

I have very few Taurians on my friendslist, and thus divining for the sun sign Taurus is easy for me. I can maintain objectivity.

I do a three-card spread; the first card tells of the past- how the last year was- the challenges, opportunities, and the path itself. The second card tells about challenges and opportunities of the year; the third card guides how to deal with challenges and make the best use of the possibilities.

The first card is a major arcana card- the card number 6- the card of lovers. The card talks describe lovers- it can be sexual love- or the love one shares in a family. The central theme of this card is expectations– if the expectations from love are on a physical plane- they will bring hurt and pain. The card shows that the last year of your life was centered around your loved ones and the expectations you had from them.

The middle card is 5 of rainbows- The Outsider. It shows a child standing at the gate- looking out, wanting to move out but thinks he cannot- because the door is locked. This represents that you feel blocked in your life- but it is in your mind only- because if you see clearly- the door is open- you just need to push it. This year brings you more such feelings- feelings of stagnation, feelings of being blocked in a relationship, in a job. But remember it is in your mind only- you just have to push the right door, and you can be free.

The third card tells you how, and it is 2 of rainbow, “Moment to Moment”. The card shows a man moving through stones lightly and non-seriously; simultaneously, the man is balanced. The man is in the world (demonstrated by the faded buildings in the background), but outside it, he focuses only on the now. The guidance is to stay aware, not think of the past or future- but be grounded in now and decide.

I hope you find it helpful. Wish you a happy year ahead.

Love and Light.

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