Art of Divination-window to unknown

Divination, derived from Latin divinare meaning to predict, is the art of seeking answers, a peek into the future through ‘supernatural’ means.

You may ask ‘supernatural’ – well, I would say the things that we do not understand based on our present knowledge are ‘supernatural.’ There was a time when ‘fire’ was supernatural, when a cart driving without horses was ‘supernatural.’ Despite significant advancements in science- there are still many unknowns- one of them is the claim by many that through Divination they can predict the future.

There are fields in science today – decision theory, the area of artificial intelligence, and machine learning- which work in a similar domain- for example, trying to predict the future stock price, trying to predict the outcome of a football game, trying to predict the result of an election. These sciences are based on the premise that information about the future is hidden in past data. Just as if we know the initial position and force applied, we can predict the ball’s trajectory- if we know sufficient information about the factors influencing the outcome, we can build a model that can help us predict the future in a limited domain.

Divination, on the other hand – does not ask you to provide thousands of data points of your life to predict the future. And that is why despite many successful predictions by people who can divine- the field of divination is viewed with skepticism. There is very little correlation in divination between what is observed and what is foretold. Its methods are indirect and obscure. Those who practice divination say it works because:

  • Everything is connected. So often loved ones know about each other’s mental state without actually communicating.
  • Since everything is connected, each one of us can know about every one else. But we do not because- we are rarely in sync with out inner self- our sub-conscious.
  • Chaos is the source of order. In all divination methods- a chaos is first created- via shuffling of cards in tarot, shuffling of runes, tossing of coin in I-Ching, or introducing trance when the person himself acts as medium.

Diviner reads the subconscious of self and the person who has come for divination. There is a focus point- the question itself- and the medium used to divine.

The folklores are full of seers who could tell the future. My personal experience says divination is helpful- it can help by predicting- and thus, if you know beforehand- you can take steps to avoid it. The future is not set in stone; instead, each decision changes it and gives shape to our destiny. Using divination, we can connect with the inner guide- and take guidance to better our lives. For me, divination is not a yes/no question; instead, it is an open-ended question like asking a mentor to guide. To give you a glimpse into divination, let me run an experiment.
I ask the universe- what is the best way to serve sentient beings using iMusingz site. I will do a single card spread.

The result is the card:

What it tells: It is guiding me to stay ordinary- no need to act extra-ordinary, add fancy photographs of self- bedazzle readers with crystal dangling. Instead, take one step at a time and slowly but persistently share my gift with the world.

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