Flying Star Chart for 2022- The Year of Tiger

In this post, I will talk about the Flying star chart for the year 2022, and give suggestions on how to use the natural temporal energy for your and your families well-being.

On 3rd February 2022, the Chinese new year, annual flying stars will change. 2022, also called the year of tiger, we will have the Obstacle star 5 in the center. Let us see how these changes affect us and how we can use the power of this ancient wisdom to better our lives.

2022 Year of Tiger

Each year these nine numbers move through space, and with them, they carry their energies. As you can see from the above flying star chart there are four bad stars (2,3,5 and 7) and 5 good stars (1,4,6,8,9).

Center: Obstacle Star 5

Inauspicious obstacle star 5 is in the center of the house this year, the star brings misfortune, bad luck, obstacles in work. Since it is in the center this year, every aspect of our lives will be affected. If you have a bedroom, entrance, or your working area in this sector, you should seriously consider the solutions for the 5 obstacle star:

  • 6- rod metallic wind chime
  • Energy work with intent, so I have found that for Indian houses putting broze Ganesha (The VighanHarta- destroyer of all obstacles) works great in this area.
  • And if your pocket allows you can also keep five element pagoda in the area.

This year since it is in the center, so for my house I have made a Ganesha Altar in the center of the house, with brass Ganesha facing all four directions, and have hung a 6-rod metallic wind chime, just above the altar.

Northwest: Heavenly Star 6

This year 6 the Heavenly star moves to the northwest sector of the house. It is in its element and you can activate the star by adding to the place white/silver color metallic objects here. The heavenly star also brings the energy of ‘help from others’, the heaven luck- the good people in our lives. So if your work depends upon others- like you are in sales, marketing, or you require good luck you should activate the heavenly star by keeping a Quartz crystal ball in the northwest sector of the house

North: Victory Star 1

Victory star 1 is in the north, so if you have your entrance, your bedroom the energy of the victory star will be automatically activated. This is an auspicious star and will bring success in your endeavors. However, remember that North is also associated with isolation, so if your work involves lots of social interaction, activate the Victory star, but do not sit in the North for work. You can activate the star – by decorating the area using the symbol of victory – for example, a flag.

East: Argument Star 3

Argument star 3 this year flies to the east of the house. This star results in arguments, fights, lawsuits, rumors, gossips – hope you got the idea. It is an inauspicious star, and should be avoided. In the east of the house, you should keep remedies to control the flying star 3. Fire element helps in overcoming the negative impact of the flying star 3. You can use a red bulb, red candles, red crystal ball to remedy the 3 flying star.

NorthEast: Wealth Star 8

The northeast of the house is occupied by the wealth star 8, in the age of 8, the 8 flying star is good, but in the age of 9 it is going prosperity- so I would not suggest you make this space your bedroom or living room. However, it still represents the wealth star, and to keep wealth coming and staying in your life- activate this star by placing raw citrine crystals, a Citrine crystal ball, a Citrine crystal tree, a gold coin tree, golden ingot, or just simply your wealth box. The idea is to keep things representing wealth in this area.

Please note that good and bad stars also depend on the age, in Age of 8 : 8,9 and 1 are auspicious stars, and 7 is inauspicious. 
As per conventional Feng Shui the age will change in  the year 2024, however, as I shared in a past post, it is possible that we have already shifted to age 9,  making 9,1 and 2 auspicious and 8 inauspicious.
So my suggestion: for major life work use 9 and 1 star - that is use these areas for bedroom and active work- try to spend most of your time in the areas occupied by these stars- in your house flying star chart.

West: Robbery Star 7

The west of the house is occupied by the robbery star 7, if you have an entrance or safe in this direction – it would be necessary that you put a cure for the 7 flying star. You can put:

  • A blue elephant
  • A blue Rhino
  • Lapis Lazuli crystals in the form of raw crystal, ball or, pyramid
  • And my favorite a Lapis Lazuli Elephant.

SouthWest: Illness star 2

The illness star 2 has moved to the southwest of the house, if your entrance or bedroom or kitchen is in this area, you need to remedy the presence of 2 flying star. A time-tested remedy for the illness star is putting up 6 coins. If possible add in the area brass statue of Mother Kuan Yin (Tara Devi in India Mythology)- the female reincarnate of Buddha- the goddess of healing. Since these are not very good times, you can boost your remedy by putting a crystal bowl of water with a few spoons of sea salt.

South: Prosperity Star 9

The fire star 9 is in the south sector of the house. It is an auspicious star and spending time in this area will increase prosperity in your lives. To make the best use of its energy you can make this your working area. Since 9 has a fire element, you can use wood from the constructive cycle to activate this area. You can place a wooden wind chime, or decorate it with plants.

SouthEast: Study Star 4

Study star 4 affects education, knowledge, and even promotions (combined with the flying star 1). The star is in the southeast this year. If you have children of studying age- keeping their study table in this sector will help them perform well in studies. It is also a star of love, so keeping a ‘couple` photo will bring love and harmony to your lives. Adding bamboo plants will be great.

Use the power of flying star chart to boost different aspects of your life.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Prosperous, Blessed Be

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