Protection from Psychic Attacks – Easy Tips

Are your nights filled with dreadful dreams? Do you often get up at night at odd hours- feeling uneasy? When you get up in the morning- you feel exhausted-fatigued?

If your health is okay, you have no digestive problem- then chances are you are under psychic attack.

What are psychic attacks?

It can be as simple as an acquaintance having bad feelings for you, wishing you harm, or beings from other dimensions trying to harness your energy, or even spirits and demons.

Anyone who has ever experienced a psychic attack – can relate to dementor attacks from Harry Potter fame.

How can one protect self from Psychic attacks?

There are many ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks, you can use crystals, visualizations, sage, positive affirmations. Below I will list some crystals that I have used with my clients effectively and successfully:

  • Wear an Opal, you can wear it as a pendant or a ring, though I will prefer a pendant. Opal makes the wearer invisible for harmful energies, so if the attack is targeted for you, Opal makes you invisible to it and the harmful energy can no longer touch you.
  • You can make a selenite grid around your bed, I always sleep in one. You will need at least 4 stones (one for each cardinal direction), the more the merrier. Selenite is a stone with very high vibrations, it cleanses the place and infuses it with positive energies. It also has a calming effect, ensuring deep-comfortable sleep. The stone is useful if the psychic attack is not directed at you but just a result of bad energies in the neighborhood.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a strongly protective stone, as a constant watcher, it watches over you, actively protecting you from the negative psychic attack. If you find the tiger eye, breaking or with cracks- be alarmed- it means the attack is strong and you might need more than one help.
  • Black Tourmaline, you can make a grid of black tourmaline around your house, your room, or your bed. You can also wear a black tourmaline bracelet. Tourmaline acts as a psychic shield protecting you from unwanted energies.

Use them wisely and have a sound deep sleep.

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