Grand Duke and Three Killings in the year 2021

The last post talked about how flying stars are changing in the year 2021. They are important and to make the best use of the change in energy with time, it is wise to activate the auspicious flying stars (1,4,6,8,9) and put remedies for the inauspicious flying stars (2,3,5,7).

There are two more areas one needs to consider, the position Grand Duke occupies and the place Three Killings are in. In this post, I will talk about these two, what these locations mean, what you can and you should not do in these areas, and remedies.

Grand Duke

Grand Duke – in layman terms – is like the sleeping elder in the house. You should never look them in eye, make no noise in the area, no renovation either, not even putting a nail.

Cause, if Grand Duke wakes up, or feel offended, like the old-elders- he will not spare the rod. You will get punished for sure… and the punishment is often harsh.

To ensure that by mistake you do not disturb Grand Duke and face his wrath it is advisable to keep the statue of Pi Yao(in pair) facing the direction Grand duke resides.

This year Grand Duke has moved in NE, specifically from 22.5-37.5 degree.

Another thing to remember, in case there is an emergency and you need to do some work there – play Om Mani Padme Hum in the background continuously.

If you do meditation, you can also try the singing bowl.

Three Killings

It is like a king in the palace, you cannot show them your back, noise, clutter, renovations are strictly no. If not remedied, three killings cause financial losses. In the year 2021, Three Killings occupy east (52.5 – 127.5 degree). The easiest way to remedy Three Killings is by placing three celestial guardians: Chi Lin, Fu Dog and Pi Yao.

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