Free Tarot Reading For Atima: Resolving the Inner Conflict


What is needed for resolving my inner conflict?


I am not aware of the cause, but can feel a constant inner conflict- at one stage I am very ambitious and want to exceed in career, but then my familial responsibilities – push me backward- I am not able decide what should I do?


Dear Atima, I used Osho Zen Tarot Cards for your reading, a classic four card spread. The cards that came are:


Dear Atima, the first card shows your inner: it is a major Arcana card and so is most significant for insight into your situation. You are undergoing a deep transformative phase and it is natural to feel conflict when undergoing the transformation.

The second card, 8 of clouds, shows how your external pressures are making you feel guilty, remember guilt is the most negative emotion- it stops us from growing by creating self-doubt and feeling of unworthiness.

The third card, Queen of water, shows the internal emotional state you need to come out of your conflict. Accept yourself, also accept that what others demand from you – is not because they do not want you to grow- but it is natural for them, they are conditioned to do so, so accept them also. This does not mean give up to their demands- it just mean – understand why they are this way, accept them and have no hard feelings for them.

The final card, the 10 of fire, shows that you are in a position where you should no longer suppress your inner desires, if you do, you will simply explode- harming your relations, hurting your loved ones. So my suggestion, follow your dream, but do not make your family – demonic- understand and forgive them- slowly they will also change.

Love and Light .