Period of Nine – what to expect?

Chinese astrology has many cycles, each with a different period. At the heart of these cycles are the 9 flying star numbers (each identified by its own trigram, except 5 flying Star) and the 12 animals. Each year has its own animal and its own trigram, for example, the year 2020 (starting from ~4th Feb 2020) was a Rat year, with 7 Flying Star at its center. The year 2021, is an Ox year and has 6 Flying Star, the heaven- at its center. Additionally, there is a bigger cycle – divided into 9 periods, with each period lasting roughly 20 years.

Now 20 years is a big-time and has been observed to affect the whole world and humanity at large. Starting in 2004, we ushered into the Age of 8. The Age of 8 was controlled by Ken trigram (mountain)- representing youngest son- Northeast direction.

And so the age of 8 denoted- all the features of this trigram- it increased possibilities of knowledge, we could see a rise in general stubborn behavior- people were fixed with their views, low on self-control- easily angered. At the same time, it favored northeast countries- like Japan, Russia, and China.

The next age is the age of 9, ruled by trigram of fire- Li- the middle daughter. As per most Feng Shui experts and books on Feng Shui- the period should start in 2024. However, as an energy healer, I have been feeling the change in energy throughout the year 2020, and so I searched again-and till now found only one Feng Shui master (Master Chan) claiming that the Period of 9 has (probably) already started on 21st December 2020 – the day Jupiter and Saturn met in the Sky, and his logic, complemented by the energy changes I am feeling makes sense.

What does this mean for the world?

Li represents Fire- and we all know fire burns- fire also transforms- so we should expect great upheavals in the near future. In this trigram, the yin Earth, is sandwiched between yang Heaven and yang Human- which means this is the time we can work together to counter the effects of climate change and global warming.

The Fire will bring all hidden problems into the light- it will not be possible to keep the eyes closed any longer- either act or perish.

How will these changes effect you?

While the changes in the world at large affects each one of us, the micro-level effect of this change will also be observed. The change in period, changes the auspicious stars- and 8 no longer is the auspicious star in period 9, the auspicious stars are 9, 1, and 2 (yes even the 2 illness star, though I will still avoid using 2 energy).

Most of the houses that I have done Flying Star audit – were made in the period of 8, and I had tried to placed the master bedroom in double 8 star location- the most auspicious location for that period. In the age of 9, this will no longer be the most auspicious location. Which means to get the best location in the house- the whole audit will need to be redone. It might also involve renovating the house, or changing.

So follow the thumb rule- as long as all is OK, do not make drastic changes, and follow the annual advice I will be adding in the coming days. But if you notice some problems, especially related to general luck, get in touch with a Feng Shui Expert.

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