Tricolor Vegetable Sandwich

Ingredients. :

Brown bread/white bread slices–4
Garlic butter–4tsp
Cheese slice–2
Onion (chopped)–1/2cup
Tomato (chopped) –1/2cup
Capsicum (chopped )–1/2cup
Oregano seasoning

Method :

1. Spread the butter evenly on one slice of bread ,now put all the chopped vegetables over it.
2. Cover the veggies with a slice of cheese and sprinkle a pinch of oregano  on it.
3. Now, put the other bread slice over it and grill it in the sandwich  maker.
4. Serve with tomato ketchup n mint chutney.





A crunchy ,colorful and healthy sandwich  with the added goodness of protein and fibre. Tomatoes  are a storehouse of nutrients  rich in vitamins, minerals and lycopene. Onions are rich in phytochemical which along with vitamin C improves immunity. Raw onions lower the production of bad cholesterol  and keeps heart healthy. Capsicum being rich in vitamin A and C and due to its capsaicin  content, it is both warming and vasodilative.