Maximize Good Fortune with Your Personal Gua Number: Understanding and Using the Auspicious Directions in Feng Shui

Discover the power of personal Gua numbers in Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese practice of arranging your surroundings for balance and prosperity. Learn how to calculate your own Gua number and use it to determine the auspicious directions for your home and office. Boost your good luck and positive energy with this easy-to-follow guide to Gua numbers.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves arranging your surroundings in a way that promotes balance, harmony, and good luck. One of the key elements of feng shui is the use of Gua numbers, also known as kua numbers. In this post, we’ll explain what Gua numbers are, and how to use it to determine the auspicious and inauspicious directions in your home and office.

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Gua number key to good luck

What are Gua Numbers?

A Gua, or kua, number is a number used to calculate the auspicious and inauspicious directions for a person. The calculation are based on Lo Shu Square, a grid of nine squares, each containing a number from one to nine. These numbers are used to determine auspicious and inauspicious directions.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions for All Gua Numbers

Based on your personal Gua number, you can determine the auspicious and inauspicious directions for you. Below is a table that lists the auspicious and inauspicious directions for each Gua number:

Gua NumberAuspicious Directions
(Wealth, Growth, Health, Love)
Inauspicious Directions
(Total Loss, Bad Luck, Six Killings, Five Ghost)
1Southeast, North, East, South Southwest, West, Northwest, Northeast
2Northeast, Southwest, West, NorthwestNorth, East, South, Southeast
3South, East, North, Southeast West, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest
4North, Southeast, South, East Northeast, Northwest, West, Southwest
6West, Northwest, Northeast, SouthwestSouth, Southeast, North, East
7Northwest, West, Southwest, NortheastEast, North, Southeast, South
8Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, WestSoutheast, South, East, North
9East, South, Southeast, NorthNorthwest, Northeast, Southwest, West

How to Use the Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

There are many ways to use the auspicious and inauspicious directions in Feng Shui. Here are a few examples:

  • You can face auspicious directions while working.
  • You can sleep in auspicious directions.
  • Having front door in one of the auspicious locations is great.
  • When waking you can face one of the auspicious directions first.
  • If going for an important work- move in your auspicious direction first

In essence try and increase auspicious directions in your life, and avoid staying longer than two hours in one of inauspicious direction. For example:

  • If your personal Gua number is 4, you should face West or Southeast when working, as these are the auspicious directions (responsible for wealth and growth) for you.
  • For sleeping South is good, as it is your health.
  • You should also avoid facing Northwest, Northeast, as these are the inauspicious directions.
  • You can use the auspicious and inauspicious directions to determine the best location for your front door. For example, if your personal Gua number is 4 , your front door should face Southeast or North to bring positive energy into your home.
  • Another usage of the directions is arranging the furniture or office space. You may place your desk, bed, or other important furniture in the auspicious direction for you to improve the energy.
  • In office or workspace, you may use the auspicious and inauspicious directions to position plants, crystals or other symbols.
  • It is believed that traveling in the auspicious direction can bring good luck and positive energy.

In conclusion, understanding and using personal Gua numbers in feng shui can be a powerful tool for promoting balance, harmony, and good luck in your life. By learning how to calculate your own Gua number and using it to determine the auspicious and inauspicious directions, you can improve the energy in your home and office, bring prosperity and good luck, and create a more harmonious environment. Remember that in feng shui there’s no one right or wrong way, so feel free to experiment and find the approach that works best for you. With a little effort and the right mindset, you can harness the power of your personal Gua number to improve your life and bring you the prosperity and happiness you deserve.

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