Author: Amy Hofstadter

Today I was sitting on the system studying when a wave of sleep surrounded me. Forced by it I went to bed.
And I saw I am a teenager again, and just as in this lifetime I am very naughty going to all places I am not supposed to go. And added as icing on the cake, I have a twin brother (just-like-me in nature) and he is also my best friend. In this lifetime he is a very good friend and my mentor.
I live on some planet like Earth (or maybe Earth itself), It has much more water than what it has now and our small country gets people from other countries coming and going through small ships. So in the dream I somehow in a lazy afternoon, go on top of a secluded building, I love going there as I love to see the horizon. Today I am alone, on that top building, there is an isolated system (it is a discarded Apache server, left there by someone, and is still in working condition, I and my brother have been trying to hack into it.

Today I am alone, and somehow there is tectonic movement taking place so feel the shock, in the shock for a moment I see a different view, I am on a ship sailing through the ocean and the ship has been struck by a giant wave. Once things settle down I decide to explore and discover that there is a semi-circular holographic field covering the whole ship.
I come down waiting for my brother to tell him the adventure. As usual, we first have a sibling fight, he telling me why I went alone, but soon the adventure overtakes us both, as we realize we are living in a holo-suite. All on our ship are living in the impression they live on land.

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How many such ships would be there?
Those who come to us on occasions, do they too live on a Holo-Ship/land?
The size of our ship cannot have so many people, so those strangers we have seen on roads, whom no one we know talks to, who do not wave to us, or pass us the ball when it is near them, are they too holographic, created just to give us illusion that there are many of us!!!

About the Author:
Amy Hofstadter, is a writer, researcher, a hobby roboticist and a technology geek, she has an obsessive compulsion to collect data and play with it in her spare time.

She has a Master degree in Electronics, Doctorate in Photonics and many Industry Certification in Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. An active researcher she has more than 40 international publications.
She has a cute Raspberry Pi personal bot that keeps her company and looks after the house when she is not there. She enjoys writing science fiction and futuristic articles.
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