Flying Star Remedies 2017

According to the Feng Shui flying star school, every year around February 4th the flying stars change their position.  In total we have nine stars, out of them 4 are unfavorable: 2 Illness star, 3 Argument star, 5 Obstacle star and 7 Robbery star, if these stars occupy an important area of your home, they bring the associated negativity in your lives.
Knowledge of the position and remedies of unfavorable stars protect us from their negative influence. And at the same time knowledge of the position and way of activating favorable stars can help us in giving a positive direction to our lives.
So below is the position of the stars, and what needs to be done to activate favorable stars and remedy unfavorable ones. To make the best use of this divide your house into 9 parts as shown and apply the chart with south on top.

9 Future Prosperity: A favorable star. In the year 2017, it is present in SouthEast of the house. It brings success, career growth, promotions, and celebrations. It is also called as the multiplicative star because it magnifies base energies (both good or bad, the base energies depend on house flying star chart, they even change every month in the year). When the base energies are good activate this region using purple crystals like Amethyst. When base energies are negative take care to put the respective remedies. 5 Obstacle Star: One of the unfavorable star. The year 2017, 5 is sitting in South. It brings misfortune, obstacles, accidents etc in life. If possible this area should be avoided. But in case it is not possible, the traditional remedy is hanging a six-rod metallic wind chime. In my experience as a Feng Shui practitioner, I have found putting a brass statue of Lord Ganesha in this region is also very helpful. 7 Robbery star: An unfavorable star, it lies in SouthWest in the year 2017. As the name suggests it increases the chances of Robbery and theft. The theft can be of mental peace too, i.e. increase in arguments, lawsuits etc. One should avoid keeping money in this area. The negative effects of 7 can be reduced by putting blue Rhino or blue elephants in the region. One can also use blue stones like Lapis Lazuli.
8 Present Prosperity: A favorable star in the age of 8 (2004-2023). It is present in the East sector of the House. This star brings in wealth and prosperity. to activate the star one can put things representing wealth in the region. Like Gold Buddha, Prosperity Buddha, Goddess Lakshmi. The crystal Citrine can also be kept here to activate star 8. 1 Victory Star: A favorable star, located in the center of the house. It brings new beginnings, new careers. Especially important for those starting new job, new married life. This star governs our career, education,  prosperity. It brings good luck and patronage. It can be activated with the help of water plants like Bamboo and Money Plant. 3 Argument Star: The west of house has the 3 flying star. The star causes arguments, fights, quarrels, wars. It can bring lawsuits, legal battles, fights etc. To take care of this unfavorable star, the area should be lit with red light. Increase the red color here.
4 Romantic Star: This star is responsible for Romantic and scholastic energies. This year it is in NorthEast of the house. It is a good area for students and for singles (looking to mingle). For those in love it increases the quality of love life. The positive affects of the star can be activated by hanging a four rod  wooden wind chime. A rose quartz in this are can be specially good for love life. 6 Heaven Star: A favorable star responsible promotions, career growth is in the North this year. A horse in this area can boost up the carrer growth. It represents the heaven luck. 2 Illness Star: A very unfavorable star which brings illness, deaths is located this year in NorthWest sector of the house. The remedy is to increase the metal content in this region, one can use six coin remedy.

Remember that these energies stay for one whole year, i.e twelve months or 365 days. So it is important to do remedies especially if you have in any of unfavorable locations (South, South West, West, and North West) either:

  • Entrance.
  • Bed Room
  • Living Area
# To get the complete benefit of flying star energies you should get a flying star chart of the whole house made from a practitioner. The overlap between the above year chart and your House flying star chart will help you taking the benefit of this ancient knowledge for our welfare and harmony in life.

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