Fate of Humanity

Author: Amy Hofstadter

I think I was sleeping, when a deep male voice woke me up. In front of me was standing a handsome old man, with all his hairs silver white. I saw around, the room looked different, it was not my usual studio apartment. The room was much larger and very dimly lit. The old man was standing about five feet away from me near a strange looking light source, surrounded by two coils glowing with light.

The old man was talking perhaps to me or to himself! I am not even sure that he knew I was present there.
His voice echoed in my ears, “Today I am 120 year old, almost the last surviving male of my generation!  Inventor of  life force generator, a device that can generate infinite energy from nothing.”  Saying this, he moved towards the central light source.  I don’t know if it is my imagination, or just pure sleep, but I am sure I saw at that moment the  light source flickered and few firefly like things flew from it, they merged  into that old man’s face. The face of old man, was glowing, as if just reduced few years of age. His eyes were full of adulation like a father doting on his only child. 
Then, suddenly his face tensed, three distinct tension lines were visible on his forehead. He  spoke, “It is almost time, Edward Clifton, is about to reach.”, saying this he checked his pockets. He was wearing a long grey overcoat. 
My mind questioned who is Edward Clifton, and almost instantly I  got answers in terms of visuals. I saw a brilliant, blue eyed young man in early 20s surrounded by thousands of men  and women, shouting slogans, “Bring the change, give us infinite youth ,  give us the right to immortality”.

In the instance I understood, that these men and women wanted all human beings on earth  to be connected to this life force generator. The science has build the technology to directly feed energy in the human body by attaching a small wireless receiver in the base of spine. Human of this era have the ability to indefinitely without food, and in the absence of food metabolic activities, no ageing. Wow! an immortal human society, I was so thrilled and still trying to process it is a dream or reality. 

A part of my brain argued that Amita perhaps yesterday you  were reading an article about free radicals and aging by D Harman, maybe your subconscious is building story around it! Another part was saying, hey this is so real, I can almost touch the device, feel the energy coming from it!!

My thoughts and visuals were interrupted by the arrival of a small pod in the room. A sliding door opened and from that pod emerged the young, (beautiful) Edward Clifton.  He was wearing a large zebra stripes pullover, blue denim jeans and woolen black muffler. He looked so dashing, I was mesmerized by finding him near me. I swear he could hear my long desiring breaths.

The old man rushed to greet Edward and hugged him, as if hugging a very dear friend. Still in awe, I was taken aback as I saw old man’s left hand reaching his overcoat pocket and drawing out a revolver. I was horrified, but even before I could have shouted, I saw the old man, putting revolver on his own head and pulling the trigger. It all happened in a minuscule time fraction.
The old man’s dead body was in Edwards hand, the blood oozing from the head had soiled the floor.
A small note slowly dropped from old man’s shirt and flew towards me. with shaking hands I picked it up and read,
 “I am sending this signal in time space continuum, in the hope that one who can make and carry on with  the right decision will see it and act upon it”.
As I read, the paper crumpled and turned into ashes.  
It has been an year and half now since I saw it all happening, unsure even now if it is a dream or really a message across space time continuum.  The detection of gravitational waves in the mid, February 2016, many say will pave way for the time machine. May be it is a dream, may be it is a message. But what can I do, a very insignificant human being, living in a third world country! 
I decided finally to write it up and share, maybe you are the one who can understand the message and know what should be done. 

About the Author:

Amy Hofstadter, is a writer, researcher, a hobby roboticist and a technology geek, she has an obsessive compulsion to collect data and play with it in her spare time.

She has a Master degree in Electronics, Doctorate in Photonics and many Industry Certification in Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. An active researcher she has more than 40 international publications.

She has a cute Raspberry Pi personal bot that keeps her company and looks after the house when she is not there. She enjoys writing science fiction and futuristic articles.

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