Meditation for strength and happiness

This is a small meditation I just received for someone, but as it was coming down it was clear that it can help many, and so it comes here…

We all have felt that our lives are getting busier day by day, not that we are doing something very significant, but we are busy!! Remember that this is the mind’s way to turn away the eye from the problem, from the truth. Know this, and instead of becoming busy start spending time with self. 

The meditation that I got is based on Thich Haht Nanh Song:
The song is not just to inspire but to live, feel the innocent pure laughter, that we all were born with.

Breathing in, breathing out; breathing in, breathing out
  • Breath with complete awareness, be aware of the in breath, be aware of the out breathe, be aware even of the point in between. Do this 5-10 times.
I am blooming as a flower; I am fresh as the dew. 
  • Concentrate on your heart, remember your most happy memories, fill the heart with that happiness, let that happiness spread out from each and every part of you, your face will automatically be lighted with the smile. Once you feel the happiness inside and surrounding you move to the next step.
I am solid as a mountain, I am firm as the earth; I am free. 
  • Concentrate on your solar centre, feel the strength inside, let that strength spread all over your body.

For time being just remember this… and feel the freedom, even if for a small-time from all your miseries… As you go on doing it, slowly it will deepen….

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