Maximize the Positive Energies of the Flying Stars in 2023 with These Feng Shui Remedies

In this article, we will discuss the different Feng Shui flying star remedies, how to activate them, as well as provide tips for maximizing the positive energies of these stars in your home. These remedies are based on the principles of Feng Shui and are designed to help activate the positive energies of the flying stars and bring prosperity and harmony into the home.

2023, is the year of Rabbit. In Chinese astrology, people born in the Year of the Rabbit are said to be intelligent, kind, and gentle. They are often described as artistic and refined, and are said to have a strong sense of calm and peace. They are also known for their diplomatic and negotiating skills, and are often able to find peaceful resolutions to conflicts. For the world, we can hope that with careful thought and execution we might see some resolutions to conflicts.

As the year changes, the flying star changes its position and this can cause a shift in energies. To stay in harmony with these changes, it is important to implement Feng Shui remedies in your home. This year’s shift will begin on December 21st, 2022 starting with the shift of Tai Sui and three Killings, and will culminate on February 4th, 2023 when the rest of the stars have reached their yearly positions. Those who are sensitive to energy may have already noticed the shift. To stay in alignment with the changing energy, it is important to make necessary adjustments in your home to ensure that you remain in harmony with the flying stars and the overall energy of your home.

So let us see how stars will move and what remedies we need to do in order to get best from 2023.

Center: Study Star 4 (Yin Wood)

The star stands for academic, diplomatic, studious and airborne activities. It is also a star of love, and romance. So if you want these areas in your life, you can appropriately activate the center. so keeping a ‘couple` photo will bring love and harmony to your lives. Adding bamboo plants will be great.

Having this star in the center of your home could potentially help to strengthen and favor networking and collaboration rather than competition. To activate the positive effects of this star, you might consider placing:

  • A 4 rod bamboo wind chime in the center of your home. The 4 rod bamboo wind chime is believed to be particularly helpful for promoting good fortune and promotion.
  • Placing crystals or stones associated with love and relationships, such as rose quartz or emerald, in the center of your home.
  • Incorporating plants associated with the 4 flying star, such as orchids or ivy, in the center of your home.

Northwest: Misfortune Star 5 (Yang Earth)

Inauspicious obstacle star 5 is in northwest this year, the star brings misfortune, bad luck, obstacles in work. If you have a bedroom, entrance, or your working area in this sector, you should seriously consider the solutions for the 5 obstacle star:

  • 6- rod metallic wind chime
  • Energy work with intent, so I have found that for Indian houses putting bronze Ganesha (The VighanHarta- destroyer of all obstacles) works great in this area.
  • And if your pocket allows you can also keep five element pagoda in the area.

West: Heaven Luck 6 (Yang Metal)

This year, the 6 Heavenly star is moving to the west sector of the home. To activate this star and bring its positive energies into your home, you can try adding white or silver metallic objects to this area. The 6 Heavenly star is associated with the energy of “help from others” and is believed to bring good luck through the influence of helpful people in our lives. If your work involves interacting with others, such as in sales or marketing, or if you simply want to bring good luck into your life, you may want to consider placing a Quartz crystal ball in the northwest sector of your home to activate the 6 Heavenly star.

Also note the Three killings also move to west (225-315 degree), so avoid sitting with your back in this area. It is better to face it. Also, place a photo or statue of three celestial guardians here.

Northeast: Robbery Star 7 (Yin Metal)

The northeast of the house is occupied by the robbery star 7, if you have an entrance or safe in this direction – if possible avoid it, if not then it would be necessary that you put a cure for the 7 flying star. You can put:

  • A blue elephant
  • A blue Rhino
  • Lapis Lazuli crystals in the form of raw crystal, ball or, pyramid
  • And my favorite a Lapis Lazuli Elephant.

South: Prosperity Star 8 (Yin Earth)

The south of the house is occupied by the wealth star 8, in the age of 8, the 8 flying star is good. The star 8 represents the wealth star, and to keep wealth coming and staying in your life- activate this star by placing raw citrine crystals, a Citrine crystal ball, a Citrine crystal tree, a gold coin tree, golden ingot, or just simply your wealth box. The idea is to keep things representing wealth in this area. Since this time it is in south, you can also put decorative ceiling lamp.

North: Future Prosperity Star 9 (Yin Fire)

The fire star 9 is in the north sector of the house. It is an auspicious star and spending time in this area will increase prosperity in your lives. To make the best use of its energy you can make this your working area. Since 9 has a fire element, you can use wood from the constructive cycle to activate this area. You can place a wooden wind chime, or decorate it with plants.

Southwest: Victory Star 1 (Yang Water)

Victory star 1 is in the southwest, so if you have your entrance, your bedroom the energy of the victory star will be automatically activated. This is an auspicious star and will bring success in your endeavors. However, remember that North is also associated with isolation, so if your work involves lots of social interaction, activate the Victory star, but do not sit in the North for work. You can activate the star – by decorating the area using the symbol of victory – for example, a flag.

As we move towards the Period 9 (2024), the Victory Star 1 becomes stronger, and activating this star can bring winning energies and promising new opportunities into your life.

East: Illness Star 2 (Yang Earth)

Well this year it is doubly bad, not just the illness star, Grand Duke has also shifted to East (82.6-97.5 degrees), if possible avoid this area. Do not spend more than 2 hours per day here. If your entrance or bedroom or kitchen is in this area, you need to remedy the presence of 2 flying star and take care of Grand Duke as well.

A time-tested remedy for the illness star is putting up 6 coins. If possible add in the area brass statue of Mother Kuan Yin (Tara Devi in India Mythology)- the female reincarnate of Buddha- the goddess of healing. Since these are not very good times, you can boost your remedy by putting a crystal bowl of water with a few spoons of sea salt.

For Grand Duke, avoid noise- even the noise of snores in this area. Anything that creates noise has to be avoided. Never sit facing this direction. Keep Pi Yao facing east in the house. To know more about Grand Duke and how to deal with them read my earlier post.

SouthEast: Argument Star 3 (Yang Wood)

Argument star 3 this year flies to the southeast of the house. This star results in arguments, fights, lawsuits, rumors, gossips – hope you got the idea. It is an inauspicious star, and should be avoided. In the southeast of the house, you should keep remedies to control the flying star 3. Fire element helps in overcoming the negative impact of the flying star 3. You can use a red bulb, red candles, red crystal ball to remedy the 3 flying star.

Don’t let the changing flying stars throw off your energy in 2023 – use these Feng Shui remedies to keep your home and life in balance.

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