Importance of Energy Exchange in healing

In Indian sub-continent we give lot of emphasis to energy-exchange or ‘dakshina’ – we talk of dakshina to Guru for the gift of education. We talk of dakshina to Brahmins/Pandits for the prayers they do for us and so on. In this article, I will talk about ‘dakshina’ for healing – in simple english- energy exchange and its importance in energy healing.

Have you ever observed, that the moment you go to a doctor’s clinic- and pay his fees- you start feeling good? For me it was a common occurrence through out my child life, being from a middle class family growing in 1980s. The doctor’s fees was hurting family budget- and thus my mother noticed it. When I grew a little, and due to some circumstances- become responsible for self even financially- I realised that she is right. And it struck me that doctor’s visit- harm three times– I pay the fees- I pay for the medicine- and those days I am not able to work and therefore, not able to earn.

Being interested in physical and occult sciences from child hood, I read many books – and in most books there was one common factor which caught my eyes- the concept of karma- and how we can never escape from it. Later when I learned healing modalities, and Buddha’s teachings, I understood that even the illness is the result of some karma.

Being Scientifically bent, it was difficult for me to make sense of these things- but science also says to keep an open mind. And so with open mind I started an experiment- every month I will keep aside the doctor’s fees (two visits 😊 )- and I found that my illnesses have reduced.

As I delved more into energy healing- I understood the reason; why one should pay ‘dakshina’ when they get something extraordinary: Like knowledge, like blessings, like health.

Concept of energy exchange

Dakshina or energy exchange is a way of transformation. By default based on our karmas we were not deemed worthy of that knowledge, that blessing, or the health. To get them we need to do good work, in other words do some form of ‘tapsaya’. Being busy in daily lives- most of us seldom get time to be with ourselves, to pray deeply- so doing ‘tapsaya’ becomes almost impossible. But when you give something of yours, something that is valuable in your eyes – you go through a pain, a suffering- this time chosen by you. And this pain balances the pain you would have suffered because of illness, because of ignorance. This is the basis of ‘dakshina’- the basis of energy exchange.

And therefore whenever you take healing, you take guidance- you should give something in return to the person you are taking it from. You should do this energy exchange.

How much to give in energy exchange

Many people who do healing or give education in the field of para-knowledge, have fixed fees- it can be session wise, level wise, and even based on disease. In this case it is simple, just pay what you are asked to pay.

However, there maybe some like me- who do not want to put down the fee in numbers. I do it because for me this healing energy and the wisdom that I got in return is priceless. I cannot put any limit on it- and also because I want to share it with all who want to learn it and use it to transform their lives. In such case, listen to your inner voice. Think from the heart. And if you do not get any answers from there- then use statistics- search how much people pay for similar services, similar disease and pay accordingly.

Remember the energy exchange is important for the one taking healing, for the one getting education. You have received something invaluable, and so you should give something of value in return.

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