Feng Shui: Flying Star Audit of the House

According to the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, there are 9 flying stars, represented by the 9 numbers. These stars change their position with time, and with them change the fortune of the house and its residents.

These stars have very powerful energies. By properly understanding the stars, we can make use of their positive energies and protect ourselves from their negative influence.

The stars are not fixed, instead, they move around with time. As per the ancient Feng-Shui wisdom, time is divided into a grand cycle of 180 years. The grand cycle is further divided into 9 periods, each period corresponding to one of the Flying stars. A period lasts for 20 years, for example 2004-2024 is a period of 8 flying star.

So you have a period flying star- which lasts for twenty years- and decides the energy of the houses built in that period. Then each year has its own different flying star number, for example, 2016 is the year of flying star 2. And if you want a very precise calculation, one can to the month flying, day flying star and even hour:minute star. These are used to calculate pillars of destiny of an individual- determined by the person’s date and time of birth.

In this blog post, I talk about how to get your house Flying-star audit done.

A word of advice, though there are many charts available online – and even many calculators available where you can put the details of your house and they will do the calculation for you, I would suggest that you get it done by a Feng-Shui practitioner- we can read all about surgeries online- see the procedure- but when its come do actually perform the surgery- it is best left to surgeons.

To get your house flying star audit you will need:

  • A map of your house drawn to scale.
  • Year the house was constructed or major renovation done
  • The angle direction North makes when seen from the center of the house. For this stand in the middle of the house with magnetic compass, and see the angle north makes in reference to one of the walls- do not forget to mention the wall, and the center point in the house map.
  • The direction your house faces. For this stand in the middle of the entrance door with magnetic compass, now note the direction the compass is showing- preferably with angle.

Now, you can approach a feng shui practitioner/master to make the flying star audit for your house.

Normally, when I do the flying star audit, I try to also feel the energy of the house relative to its location- that is its neighboring houses and buildings. I reverify the directions of the house and its entrance. The whole process of accessing the house physically takes 4-5 hours for a 2BHK house. Once this is done. The calculations are made to build the flying star chart of the house.

And then comes the final stage, based on the flying star chart of the house recommendations are made- on how to use each part of the house, which area to avoid, how to increase the positive stars and how to mitigate the effect of negative stars.

Edit: 2020

Since Covid, I have stopped physically visiting a house, but if you want to get your flying star chart made- please send the details listed above along with a video (3-5 minutes) showing inside and outside of the house. And photos of entrance, photo of outside as seen from the entrance, back and sides.

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