October the month of doubles

October month has a special place in Feng-Shui flying Star school. This is the month, where everything doubles- the good and the bad, and so one needs to take special care.

Normally, when I do a Feng-Shui audit of the house, I recommend the solutions which take care of this double energy. But in some houses, due to the house personal Flying-star chart, the energies can triple and cause problems.

To avoid any mishappenings, it would be best if you check the flying star chart of your house and the yearly flying star locations for 2021.

Take special care for

  • The illness star 2
  • The argument star 3
  • The disaster star 5
  • The loss star 7.

It becomes very important that you take care of combinations where these stars double or triplicate, for example, a combination of 2 and 5 can be very harmful to health, a long-term stay in such an area can result in a long-term health issue. Similarly, a combination of 5 and 7 or 7 and 9 can cause fire hazards.

Year of the metal Ox-2021 and Age 9

On 3rd February 2021, the new Chinese year will start – taking us from the year of the rat (yes, most of us have spent the year almost living like a rat in our homes) to the year of the Ox, hardworking, active- busy -Ox.

With the change of the year, the stars will also change position resulting in a major change in the energy. The most important star to consider is the center star, in the year 2020 we had the robbing flying star 7 in the center. This year the position will be occupied by the heavenly star 6.

6 is considered to be an auspicious star, and in the age of 8 (2004-2024) it is generally a positive star, and though there will be responsibilities, burdens, overall the year should be good. However, the situation gets a little complicated as now we are also nearing the change in age, we will be moving from age 8 to age 9, thus the solutions and remedies that were valid for age 8, will start becoming less effective.

If you are reading this post, it means you are aware of the power of Flying stars and Feng Shui. You do understand that change in age will bring drastic changes in the world and in our lives, and thus it is important that you start preparing for the Age of 9.

Stay hooked to this space for coming posts on how to prepare yourself for the coming changes.

Stay safe.