Love and death

Author: Dunija Rothschild

It was the hot month of June, many many years back, days when I still used to wear frocks, still used to have bath in rain with all the girls and boys of my age. There was no TV, no fridge, and I am sure I never missed them!

That summer an uncle of mine came to live with us. I was small, so was not told, but I heard my parents speaking that uncle is suffering from Leukemia and is here for treatment from AIIMS, the best medical Institute in Delhi. Blissfully unaware what is leukemia or AIIMs, I was having lot of fun, with uncle showering love on me, and parents,  busy in his care, scolding me less. That is all that matters.
And then one day, he died. I  had no idea what death is, must be something interesting, he was lying on bed stationary like a statue.  All the furniture of the room was taken out, it was not much – a dressing table, one double bed, and an alimirah, and the whole room was cleaned with water. I enjoyed splashing water as adults were cleaning it.
Soon adults put sheets on the floor of room, with his statue body in center and  covered it with big ice blocks. No one can stay still with so many ice blocks!! Something must be wrong with uncle, I thought. I sat in the room, very close to uncle, may be my little hands can again relieve him of his pain!! Many relatives arrived, some I knew, others I did not care knowing.
I could hear aunties crying, two of aunties one was uncles wife and other sister, were making the most noise, as if there is competition among them. Both were lamenting that “God please take me, but give his life back.”
I was getting bored, sitting near uncle I wanted to play, move out. And then one of the big ice block moved, it slipped from the body. I am not sure if it was my trickling hands and legs or as many said later the melting of ice due to heat. But, the ice blocked move, and suddenly the two aunties who were crying the most screamed as if they had seen a ghost and rushed out from the room. In blink of my eye the room was empty, Uncle still statue on the ground surrounded by the ice blocks and little me near him.
Picture of little girl from Pixabay under CCO license modified and reused

About the Author:
Dunija Rothschild, is a writer, meditator and philosopher.  She enjoys observing herself and others in the varied colors of life. All her stories and poems take shape from the class called Life, they are inspired from the real life incidents.
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