Increase wealth in your life

Money is the most important commodity in present life, it may not let us buy peace, but it definitely let us buy almost everything else. Using the old Chinese technique of Feng Shui we can increase the wealth in our life. To increase wealth and prosperity in our life we need to activate the wealth area of the house (Bagua School).
Wealth area is the extreme left corner of the house, as one enters the house. It symbolizes the money one has in life.  To activate wealth area we can you following techniques:
    1. Keep the Citrine crystal here.


    1. Decorate it with a pair of dolphins, preferably either in blue color or gold color.


    1. You can keep an aquarium with eight black fishes and one gold fish.


    1. According to Feng Shui water is money, moving water means moving money, and still water means stagnated money, thus one can have here a waterfall, which continuously pours water in a pond, symbolizing continuous inflow of money and its collection. 


    1. One can keep Gods/ Goddesses representing wealth


  1. Make a wealth box, and keep it here. And every time you earn something add money in it.
Always keep it clean and clutter free. Give it the rich look you want in your life.