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Normally when we talk of Feng Shui- people think, that it can be applied only to house and its energies. However, there is one school of Feng Shui- the Eight Mansions School, which makes use of the house chart and individuals birth year – to determine which directions are lucky and which are unlucky for that individual. The eight directions are divided into a set of auspicious and inauspicious, according to the eight mansion school. In this blog post, we will learn these directions, and how to calculate the Gua number which can give you insight into your lucky and unlucky directions.

Normally when we talk of Feng Shui- people think, that it can be applied only to the house and its energies. However, there is one school of Feng Shui- the Eight Mansions School, which makes use of the house chart and individuals’ birth year – to determine which directions are lucky and which are unlucky for that individual. The eight directions are divided into a set of auspicious and inauspicious, according to the eight mansion school. In this blog post, we will learn how to calculate the Gua number which can give you insight into your lucky and unlucky directions.

How to calculate Gua Number

Knowing your Gua number is simple calculations, you just need to know the year of your birth- the calculation is different if you are male (or associate yourself more with the male gender) and if you are a female.

Let us first calculate Gua number for a female:

  • Add all the digits of the birth year – continue the addition, till you get a single-digit number. So if you are born in 1974, this will give 1+9+7+4 = 21 => 2+1 => 3.
  • Add 4 to it, this will give us 3+ 4 = 7, so for the female born in the year 1974, the Gua number is 7.

Consider another female born in 2001,

Year of birth = 2008
Sum of all digits: 2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10 => 1+0 = 1
Add 4 to it: 1 + 4 = 5

So this female Gua number is 5.

Gua number for male:

  • Add all the digits of the birth year- continue the process, until you get a single-digit number. So consider a male born in 1971, we will get 1+9+7+1 = 18 => 1+8 = 9.
  • Next subtract it from 11, so we get 11-9 = 2. The man has Gua number 2.

Consider another male born in 2009,

Year of birth = 2009
Sum of all digits: 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11 => 1 + 1 => 2
Subtract it from 11: 11 - 2 = 9 

The male Gua number is 9.

The Gua numbers are useful in knowing the auspicious and inauspicious directions. Stay hooked to the website, for the next post describing your auspicious and inauspicious locations.

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Grand Duke and Three Killings in the year 2021

The last post talked about how flying stars are changing in the year 2021. They are important and to make the best use of the change in energy with time, it is wise to activate the auspicious flying stars (1,4,6,8,9) and put remedies for the inauspicious flying stars (2,3,5,7).

There are two more areas one needs to consider, the position Grand Duke occupies and the place Three Killings are in. In this post, I will talk about these two, what these locations mean, what you can and you should not do in these areas, and remedies.

Grand Duke

Grand Duke – in layman terms – is like the sleeping elder in the house. You should never look them in eye, make no noise in the area, no renovation either, not even putting a nail.

Cause, if Grand Duke wakes up, or feel offended, like the old-elders- he will not spare the rod. You will get punished for sure… and the punishment is often harsh.

To ensure that by mistake you do not disturb Grand Duke and face his wrath it is advisable to keep the statue of Pi Yao(in pair) facing the direction Grand duke resides.

This year Grand Duke has moved in NE, specifically from 22.5-37.5 degree.

Another thing to remember, in case there is an emergency and you need to do some work there – play Om Mani Padme Hum in the background continuously.

If you do meditation, you can also try the singing bowl.

Three Killings

It is like a king in the palace, you cannot show them your back, noise, clutter, renovations are strictly no. If not remedied, three killings cause financial losses. In the year 2021, Three Killings occupy east (52.5 – 127.5 degree). The easiest way to remedy Three Killings is by placing three celestial guardians: Chi Lin, Fu Dog and Pi Yao.

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Feng Shui Tips: Flying Star Remedies for the year 2021

The Chinese year is about to change, on 4th February 2021 flying star 6 will move to the center starting the year of Ox. Let us see how these changes affect us and how we can use the power of this ancient wisdom to better our lives.

Each year these nine numbers move through space, and with them, they carry their energies. As you can see from the above chart there are four bad stars (2,3,5 and 7) and 5 good stars (1,4,6,8,9).

Center: Heavenly star 6

This year 6 the Heavenly star is in the center, and thus it will play a pivotal role in each aspect of our lives- it is expected that the heavenly star like a just father will be strict if you are naughty and if you are honest will reward you equally. Since this star is in the center it would be wise to:

  • Keep the area clutter-free
  • Use white/silver color objects here.

The heavenly star also brings the energy of ‘help from others’, the heaven luck- the good people in our lives. So if your work depends upon others- like you are in sales, marketing, or you require good luck you should activate the heavenly star by keeping a Quartz crystal ball in the center place of the house

South: Victory Star 1

Victory star 1 is in the south, so if you have your entrance, your bedroom the energy of the victory star will be automatically activated. This is an auspicious star and will bring success in your endeavors. With Covid, if you are working from home, you can shift your working area to the south. Also if you want to activate the star – you can decorate the center using the symbol of victory – for example, a flag.

Southwest: Argument Star 3

Argument star 3 this year flies to the southwest of the house. This star results in arguments, fights, lawsuits, rumors, gossips – hope you got the idea. It is an inauspicious star, and should be avoided. In the southwest of the house, you should keep remedies to control the flying star 3. Fire element helps in overcoming the negative impact of the flying star 3. You can use a red bulb, red candles, red crystal ball to remedy the 3 flying star.

West: Wealth Star 8

The west of the house is occupied by the wealth star 8, in the age of 8, the 8 flying star is good, but in the age of 9 it is going prosperity- so I would not suggest you make this space your bedroom or living room. However, it still represents the wealth star, and to keep wealth coming and staying in your life- activate this star by placing raw citrine crystals, a Citrine crystal ball, a Citrine crystal tree, a gold coin tree, golden ingot, or just simply your wealth box. The idea is to keep things representing wealth in this area.

Please note that good and bad stars also depend on the age, in Age of 8 : 8,9 and 1 are auspicious stars, and 7 is inauspicious. 
As per conventional Feng Shui the age will change in  the year 2024, however, as I shared in a past post, it is possible that we have already shifted to age 9,  making 9,1 and 2 auspicious and 8 inauspicious.
So my suggestion: for major life work use 9 and 1 star - that is use these areas for bedroom and active work- try to spend most of your time in the areas occupied by these stars- in your house flying star chart.

Northwest: Robbery Star 7

The northwest of the house is occupied by the robbery star 7, if you have entrance or safe in this direction – it would be necessary that you put a cure for the 7 flying star. You can put:

  • A blue elephant
  • A blue Rhino
  • Lapis Lazuli crystals in the form of raw crystal, ball or, pyramid
  • And my favorite a Lapis Lazuli Elephant.

North: Illness star 2

The illness star 2 has moved to the north of the house, if your entrance or bedroom or kitchen is in this area, you need to remedy the presence of 2 flying star. A time tested remedy for the illness star is putting up 6 coins. If possible add in the area brass statue of Mother Kuan Yin (Tara Devi in India Mythology)- the female reincarnate of Buddha- the goddess of healing. Since these are not very good times, you can boost your remedy by putting a crystal bowl of water with few spoons of sea salt.

Northeast: Prosperity Star 9

The fire star 9 is in the northeast sector of the house. It is an auspicious star and spending time in this area will increase prosperity in your lives. To make the best use of its energy you can make this your working area. However, please be cautious as Grand Duke also occupies the NE sector this year, avoid making any loud noise in this area. Since 9 has a fire element, you can use wood from the constructive cycle to activate this area. You can place a wooden windchime, or decorate it with plants.

East: Study Star 4

Study star 4 affects education, knowledge, and even promotions (combined with the flying star 1). The star is in east this year. If you have children of studying age- keeping their study table in this sector will help them perform well in studies. It is also a star of love, so keeping a ‘couple` photo will bring love and harmony to your lives. Adding bamboo plants will be great. However, take caution, the area is occupied by three killings as well- so avoid loud noise, major renovations.

Southeast: Obstacle Star 5

Inauspicious obstacle star 5 is in the southeast this year, the star brings misfortune, bad luck, obstacles in work. If you have a bedroom, entrance, or your working area in this sector, you should seriously consider the solutions for the 5 obstacle star:

  • 6- rod metallic wind chime
  • Energy work with intent, so I have found that for Indian houses putting broze Ganesha (The VighanHarta- destroyer of all obstacles) works great in this area.
  • And if your pocket allows you can also keep five element pagoda in the area.

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Period of Nine – what to expect?

Chinese astrology has many cycles, each with a different period. At the heart of these cycles are the 9 flying star numbers (each identified by its own trigram, except 5 flying Star) and the 12 animals. Each year has its own animal and its own trigram, for example, the year 2020 (starting from ~4th Feb 2020) was a Rat year, with 7 Flying Star at its center. The year 2021, is an Ox year and has 6 Flying Star, the heaven- at its center. Additionally, there is a bigger cycle – divided into 9 periods, with each period lasting roughly 20 years.

Now 20 years is a big-time and has been observed to affect the whole world and humanity at large. Starting in 2004, we ushered into the Age of 8. The Age of 8 was controlled by Ken trigram (mountain)- representing youngest son- Northeast direction.

And so the age of 8 denoted- all the features of this trigram- it increased possibilities of knowledge, we could see a rise in general stubborn behavior- people were fixed with their views, low on self-control- easily angered. At the same time, it favored northeast countries- like Japan, Russia, and China.

The next age is the age of 9, ruled by trigram of fire- Li- the middle daughter. As per most Feng Shui experts and books on Feng Shui- the period should start in 2024. However, as an energy healer, I have been feeling the change in energy throughout the year 2020, and so I searched again-and till now found only one Feng Shui master (Master Chan) claiming that the Period of 9 has (probably) already started on 21st December 2020 – the day Jupiter and Saturn met in the Sky, and his logic, complemented by the energy changes I am feeling makes sense.

What does this mean for the world?

Li represents Fire- and we all know fire burns- fire also transforms- so we should expect great upheavals in the near future. In this trigram, the yin Earth, is sandwiched between yang Heaven and yang Human- which means this is the time we can work together to counter the effects of climate change and global warming.

The Fire will bring all hidden problems into the light- it will not be possible to keep the eyes closed any longer- either act or perish.

How will these changes effect you?

While the changes in the world at large affects each one of us, the micro-level effect of this change will also be observed. The change in period, changes the auspicious stars- and 8 no longer is the auspicious star in period 9, the auspicious stars are 9, 1, and 2 (yes even the 2 illness star, though I will still avoid using 2 energy).

Most of the houses that I have done Flying Star audit – were made in the period of 8, and I had tried to placed the master bedroom in double 8 star location- the most auspicious location for that period. In the age of 9, this will no longer be the most auspicious location. Which means to get the best location in the house- the whole audit will need to be redone. It might also involve renovating the house, or changing.

So follow the thumb rule- as long as all is OK, do not make drastic changes, and follow the annual advice I will be adding in the coming days. But if you notice some problems, especially related to general luck, get in touch with a Feng Shui Expert.

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Year of the metal Ox-2021 and Age 9

On 3rd February 2021, the new Chinese year will start – taking us from the year of the rat (yes, most of us have spent the year almost living like a rat in our homes) to the year of the Ox, hardworking, active- busy -Ox.

With the change of the year, the stars will also change position resulting in a major change in the energy. The most important star to consider is the center star, in the year 2020 we had the robbing flying star 7 in the center. This year the position will be occupied by the heavenly star 6.

6 is considered to be an auspicious star, and in the age of 8 (2004-2024) it is generally a positive star, and though there will be responsibilities, burdens, overall the year should be good. However, the situation gets a little complicated as now we are also nearing the change in age, we will be moving from age 8 to age 9, thus the solutions and remedies that were valid for age 8, will start becoming less effective.

If you are reading this post, it means you are aware of the power of Flying stars and Feng Shui. You do understand that change in age will bring drastic changes in the world and in our lives, and thus it is important that you start preparing for the Age of 9.

Stay hooked to this space for coming posts on how to prepare yourself for the coming changes.

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Career Opportunities using Feng Shui

We all need money to survive, and to earn money it is imperative that we do job. And when we like the job we do, and we see our future in it, it becomes our career.

In this post I will tell you about sure shot ways to positively influence your career oppurtunities.

  • The first thing to do is identify the career area of your house, room, and working table (in office as well as home). If you need help in identifying the career area refer to this post
  • Now that you know the career area, we activate it with positive energy using these:
  • Citrine Ball: A citrine ball brings happiness and stability. If you are happy in the situation you are in your professional life and do not want it to change use Citrine Ball.
  • Running Horses: A picture or statue of horses running into the room from career area is very good for career growth. It will make you super busy in your professional life.
  • Waterfall: A picture or a real waterfall, placed such that water appears to fall inside the room from career area increase career opportunities. You get lot of options to choose from. If after using waterfall you get options but they do not seem to materialize then you can shift from waterfall to an ocean with Dolphins, again dolphins jumping inside the room.
Image Source:

All three work differently, so choose one of them wisely according to your need.

Flying Star Remedies 2017

According to the Feng Shui flying star school, every year around February 4th the flying stars change their position.  In total we have nine stars, out of them 4 are unfavorable: 2 Illness star, 3 Argument star, 5 Obstacle star and 7 Robbery star, if these stars occupy an important area of your home, they bring the associated negativity in your lives.
Knowledge of the position and remedies of unfavorable stars protect us from their negative influence. And at the same time knowledge of the position and way of activating favorable stars can help us in giving a positive direction to our lives.
So below is the position of the stars, and what needs to be done to activate favorable stars and remedy unfavorable ones. To make the best use of this divide your house into 9 parts as shown and apply the chart with south on top.

9 Future Prosperity: A favorable star. In the year 2017, it is present in SouthEast of the house. It brings success, career growth, promotions, and celebrations. It is also called as the multiplicative star because it magnifies base energies (both good or bad, the base energies depend on house flying star chart, they even change every month in the year). When the base energies are good activate this region using purple crystals like Amethyst. When base energies are negative take care to put the respective remedies. 5 Obstacle Star: One of the unfavorable star. The year 2017, 5 is sitting in South. It brings misfortune, obstacles, accidents etc in life. If possible this area should be avoided. But in case it is not possible, the traditional remedy is hanging a six-rod metallic wind chime. In my experience as a Feng Shui practitioner, I have found putting a brass statue of Lord Ganesha in this region is also very helpful. 7 Robbery star: An unfavorable star, it lies in SouthWest in the year 2017. As the name suggests it increases the chances of Robbery and theft. The theft can be of mental peace too, i.e. increase in arguments, lawsuits etc. One should avoid keeping money in this area. The negative effects of 7 can be reduced by putting blue Rhino or blue elephants in the region. One can also use blue stones like Lapis Lazuli.
8 Present Prosperity: A favorable star in the age of 8 (2004-2023). It is present in the East sector of the House. This star brings in wealth and prosperity. to activate the star one can put things representing wealth in the region. Like Gold Buddha, Prosperity Buddha, Goddess Lakshmi. The crystal Citrine can also be kept here to activate star 8. 1 Victory Star: A favorable star, located in the center of the house. It brings new beginnings, new careers. Especially important for those starting new job, new married life. This star governs our career, education,  prosperity. It brings good luck and patronage. It can be activated with the help of water plants like Bamboo and Money Plant. 3 Argument Star: The west of house has the 3 flying star. The star causes arguments, fights, quarrels, wars. It can bring lawsuits, legal battles, fights etc. To take care of this unfavorable star, the area should be lit with red light. Increase the red color here.
4 Romantic Star: This star is responsible for Romantic and scholastic energies. This year it is in NorthEast of the house. It is a good area for students and for singles (looking to mingle). For those in love it increases the quality of love life. The positive affects of the star can be activated by hanging a four rod  wooden wind chime. A rose quartz in this are can be specially good for love life. 6 Heaven Star: A favorable star responsible promotions, career growth is in the North this year. A horse in this area can boost up the carrer growth. It represents the heaven luck. 2 Illness Star: A very unfavorable star which brings illness, deaths is located this year in NorthWest sector of the house. The remedy is to increase the metal content in this region, one can use six coin remedy.

Remember that these energies stay for one whole year, i.e twelve months or 365 days. So it is important to do remedies especially if you have in any of unfavorable locations (South, South West, West, and North West) either:

  • Entrance.
  • Bed Room
  • Living Area
# To get the complete benefit of flying star energies you should get a flying star chart of the whole house made from a practitioner. The overlap between the above year chart and your House flying star chart will help you taking the benefit of this ancient knowledge for our welfare and harmony in life.

Smoky Quartz for protection from Radiation/Chemo therapy

Cancer today has become a common man disease, every family has at least one person suffering from one or the other form of cancer. Every major Hospital today has a speciality cancer ward!!


It seems “Cancer” is the buzzword of twenty-first century.  Increase in the number of cancer patients is alarming, and would definitely be cause of concern for policy makers. But here, I provide you with a simple yet effective means of protecting oneself against the side effects of radiation/chemo therapy often given to cancer patients.


Smoky Quartz, it is a semi-precious variety of quartz, available from light grey to black color shades. This crystal has many uses from protection to divination to spiritual growth. It works at the root chakra level, giving strength to the physical body. A natural energy ground, it absorbs the negative energy and offers protection from all forms of negativity and toxins.
Being an irradiated stone, it offers protection against the negative side effects of radiation and chemo therapy. 
A person undergoing radiation therapy should wear a natural smoky quartz mala or bracelet. If possible keep smoky quartz raw stones near the bed of the person receiving therapy. The weight of smoky quartz should be minimum 1/100th of person’s weight, so for a 60Kg person, the person can choose to wear a 100gm smoky quartz jewelry and keep a 0.5 Kg raw stone near the bed.
The more raw the stone is, more energy it will have.
The stone when used needs to be cleaned regularly under running water for a minute. Occasionally you can use the salt water cure to clean it, just keep the stone immersed in salt water overnight and then to charge in early morning sunlight for few hours.
*Image reused from under CC license accessed on 28th July 2016

Feng Shui: Flying Star Audit of the House

According to the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, there are 9 flying stars, represented by the 9 numbers. These stars change their position with time, and with them change the fortune of the house and its residents.

These stars have very powerful energies. By properly understanding the stars, we can make use of their positive energies and protect ourselves from their negative influence.

The stars are not fixed, instead, they move around with time. As per the ancient Feng-Shui wisdom, time is divided into a grand cycle of 180 years. The grand cycle is further divided into 9 periods, each period corresponding to one of the Flying stars. A period lasts for 20 years, for example 2004-2024 is a period of 8 flying star.

So you have a period flying star- which lasts for twenty years- and decides the energy of the houses built in that period. Then each year has its own different flying star number, for example, 2016 is the year of flying star 2. And if you want a very precise calculation, one can to the month flying, day flying star and even hour:minute star. These are used to calculate pillars of destiny of an individual- determined by the person’s date and time of birth.

In this blog post, I talk about how to get your house Flying-star audit done.

A word of advice, though there are many charts available online – and even many calculators available where you can put the details of your house and they will do the calculation for you, I would suggest that you get it done by a Feng-Shui practitioner- we can read all about surgeries online- see the procedure- but when its come do actually perform the surgery- it is best left to surgeons.

To get your house flying star audit you will need:

  • A map of your house drawn to scale.
  • Year the house was constructed or major renovation done
  • The angle direction North makes when seen from the center of the house. For this stand in the middle of the house with magnetic compass, and see the angle north makes in reference to one of the walls- do not forget to mention the wall, and the center point in the house map.
  • The direction your house faces. For this stand in the middle of the entrance door with magnetic compass, now note the direction the compass is showing- preferably with angle.

Now, you can approach a feng shui practitioner/master to make the flying star audit for your house.

Normally, when I do the flying star audit, I try to also feel the energy of the house relative to its location- that is its neighboring houses and buildings. I reverify the directions of the house and its entrance. The whole process of accessing the house physically takes 4-5 hours for a 2BHK house. Once this is done. The calculations are made to build the flying star chart of the house.

And then comes the final stage, based on the flying star chart of the house recommendations are made- on how to use each part of the house, which area to avoid, how to increase the positive stars and how to mitigate the effect of negative stars.

Edit: 2020

Since Covid, I have stopped physically visiting a house, but if you want to get your flying star chart made- please send the details listed above along with a video (3-5 minutes) showing inside and outside of the house. And photos of entrance, photo of outside as seen from the entrance, back and sides.