Bioluminscence- the glow of your own body

We all have heard stories about aura, about the glow around saints, the Buddha-field as some may call it. For most of the human population, the concept of aura remains abstract, with no means of directly detecting it, many stay confused if the person claiming to see the aura is a real clairvoyant or a charlatan.

Well, in a few years it may change, science has confirmed that there is bioluminescence around the human body too. Scientists attribute luminescence to the metabolic reactions taking place in the human body especially the skin, and while there are still many unknowns- researchers have found that this light is affected by both external factors and internal factors (stress/disease).

Why can we not see it?

A valid question, we cannot see it with normal eyes because though the emission is in the visible range because its intensity is so low that our eyes cannot detect it. The intensity is 1000 times lower than the sensitivity of the human eye. In the experiment, they could measure it because they used a completely dark room and a specially designed camera- capable of capturing a single photon.

Is this glow-aura?

This glow changes when the person meditates is ill or is under stress. Though I cannot say it with certainty to me it appears as if science has touched some facet of spirituality. This glow is probably a component of aura.

As a clairvoyant myself, I can say that it is always much easier to observe a person’s aura when the light is dim. The aura tells me about the person’s state of mind, any imbalance in the body, presence of any negative energy. For most humans, I do not see colors, but then in the healing world, I have met a few souls- very grounded, whose aura has the beautiful color composition- a dynamic blob of color- displaying a visual symphony.

And so I say, it does sound and feel like aura, and I do hope, sometime in the future science will build portable devices that can help everyone to see this aura/glow around other beings.

How to strenthen the aura?

Meditation, positive thoughts, healthy eating all help in strengthening the aura and increase a person’s well-being. One of the meditations that particularly seems to help, not just the individual, but all around the individual is the unity breath meditation.

Another simple and yet effective meditation for strengthening the aura is the twin heart meditation.

Aura and crystals

Crystals also help in strengthening the aura. I know of a person now crossing 90s, who has pockets in all his undergarments to hold crystals- and he is so active and bubbling with energy that he can leave youngsters behind.

Different crystals, affect different aspects of aura- for example, rose quartz helps in emotional well-being, tourmaline provides protection against external negative energy. A general-purpose crystal for the entire body is Quartz crystal- called Saphtic in Hindi.

Final words

Call it aura, call it bioluminescence or call it Ultraweak Photon Emission(UPE) there is something around each one of us- and it reflects our well-being, it can be strengthened with the help of crystals, meditations, healthy diet. Choose your pick and it can be all 🙂

Love and Light


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Protection from Psychic Attacks – Easy Tips

Are your nights filled with dreadful dreams? Do you often get up at night at odd hours- feeling uneasy? When you get up in the morning- you feel exhausted-fatigued?

If your health is okay, you have no digestive problem- then chances are you are under psychic attack.

What are psychic attacks?

It can be as simple as an acquaintance having bad feelings for you, wishing you harm, or beings from other dimensions trying to harness your energy, or even spirits and demons.

Anyone who has ever experienced a psychic attack – can relate to dementor attacks from Harry Potter fame.

How can one protect self from Psychic attacks?

There are many ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks, you can use crystals, visualizations, sage, positive affirmations. Below I will list some crystals that I have used with my clients effectively and successfully:

  • Wear an Opal, you can wear it as a pendant or a ring, though I will prefer a pendant. Opal makes the wearer invisible for harmful energies, so if the attack is targeted for you, Opal makes you invisible to it and the harmful energy can no longer touch you.
  • You can make a selenite grid around your bed, I always sleep in one. You will need at least 4 stones (one for each cardinal direction), the more the merrier. Selenite is a stone with very high vibrations, it cleanses the place and infuses it with positive energies. It also has a calming effect, ensuring deep-comfortable sleep. The stone is useful if the psychic attack is not directed at you but just a result of bad energies in the neighborhood.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a strongly protective stone, as a constant watcher, it watches over you, actively protecting you from the negative psychic attack. If you find the tiger eye, breaking or with cracks- be alarmed- it means the attack is strong and you might need more than one help.
  • Black Tourmaline, you can make a grid of black tourmaline around your house, your room, or your bed. You can also wear a black tourmaline bracelet. Tourmaline acts as a psychic shield protecting you from unwanted energies.

Use them wisely and have a sound deep sleep.

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Cleansing the house of residual energies

Have you ever observed that you go to someone’s house, or a hotel, or buy a new house and you feel anxiety, anger, fear, and similar emotions for no reason at all? Well, it is Residual Energy at play.

Residual energy in the healing circle refers to the energy of the past occupants of that place. Normally these energies die out by themselves, but if the emotions were too strong they stay and later can influence the present occupants, creating a cycle. For example in a house where murder or suicide takes place, there is a high tendency for it to follow up in the future.

Can we do something to remove this negative energy? Well yes there are many ways, and below I list some of the most common ones:

  • Smudging the house can be a good option (take care of fire alarms). Take an incense stick, light it up, and take a round of the house/ individual rooms. Move your hand in small spirals, as if you are making small spirals with the incense. Do it regularly till you start feeling better. The best incense for this purpose is sage and lavender.
  • Rock salt dissolved in water is a good absorbent of negative energy, you can keep bowls filled with rock salt (about two spoons) and water (about 500ml) in each room. Take care to replace the content regularly.
  • Tourmaline is a natural grounding stone, you can put this stone around your house (in a grid fashion), it will help not only in cleansing and residual negative energy but also provide protection.
  • Camphor can be used for cleansing too, burn camphor either directly or in a diffuser regularly.
  • In case you are attuned to Reiki or Lama Fera you can use the symbols (Reiki’s first two symbols, and Lama Fera Aluma symbol) on all four corners to cleanse the place of and negative residual energy and fill it with positive energies.

Whenever I go to a new place (even a hotel room), I make it a point to cleanse it before sleeping, using more than one of the above techniques. Hope you can use these techniques and make your living space better.

In case you have further questions you can ask in the comments.

Love and Light

Smoky Quartz for protection from Radiation/Chemo therapy

Cancer today has become a common man disease, every family has at least one person suffering from one or the other form of cancer. Every major Hospital today has a speciality cancer ward!!


It seems “Cancer” is the buzzword of twenty-first century.  Increase in the number of cancer patients is alarming, and would definitely be cause of concern for policy makers. But here, I provide you with a simple yet effective means of protecting oneself against the side effects of radiation/chemo therapy often given to cancer patients.


Smoky Quartz, it is a semi-precious variety of quartz, available from light grey to black color shades. This crystal has many uses from protection to divination to spiritual growth. It works at the root chakra level, giving strength to the physical body. A natural energy ground, it absorbs the negative energy and offers protection from all forms of negativity and toxins.
Being an irradiated stone, it offers protection against the negative side effects of radiation and chemo therapy. 
A person undergoing radiation therapy should wear a natural smoky quartz mala or bracelet. If possible keep smoky quartz raw stones near the bed of the person receiving therapy. The weight of smoky quartz should be minimum 1/100th of person’s weight, so for a 60Kg person, the person can choose to wear a 100gm smoky quartz jewelry and keep a 0.5 Kg raw stone near the bed.
The more raw the stone is, more energy it will have.
The stone when used needs to be cleaned regularly under running water for a minute. Occasionally you can use the salt water cure to clean it, just keep the stone immersed in salt water overnight and then to charge in early morning sunlight for few hours.
*Image reused from under CC license accessed on 28th July 2016

Salt water cure

Salt water cure is one of the most simplest and yet effective cure against negative energy.

How to prepare salt water cure:

To prepare salt water cure, take a large crystal bowl, fill it with fresh water. Put about two spoons of sea salt (or rock salt) in it. The cure is ready.

Maintaining salt water cure:

Regularly change the water so that it stays clean and fresh. every time you change water add sal again. Care should be taken in throwing the old water, never throw it on any alive thing. Best is to flush it through toilet. 

Uses of Salt water Cure:

  • It can be used as a remedy for Illness Star 2.
  • It can be used as a remedy for Obstacle star 5.
  • It can be kept near an ill person to absorb all negativity.

*Picture from under CC0 license