Bliss overflows…

Life is not worth the trouble of life unless one is in love

She, H. Haggard

However, even with love, life is a roller coaster ride, and getting all the help we can get is an optimal choice.

The beauty is, for those who ask for help, it is available in bounties. You can use the energy of your house, your bedroom, your working table with the help of Feng Shui- to make life easier.

Nature is full of crystals- which when used with knowledge and care- can help in all aspects of our lives- from health, wealth to love and spirituality.

Understanding your numerological chart can help you to be prepared for the challenges that you will face in life, sharpen your strengths, and be aware of your pitfalls.

And then there are so many meditational techniques, energy healings, energy work available- that we can learn to make not just our lives better, but light the lives of those around us.

What you give comes back to you threefold

Law of Nature

Do no one harm.